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counted threads

Nap Riser Brush $7.50
Used to fluff up yarn. Specifically designed to fluff threads in Bunka Embroidery.

Clover Tacks $3.95
Needlecraft thumb tacks with remover

Identi-Pen $3.00
Permanent Ink, Dual-Point Pen, available in various colors.

Fray Check $3.95
Prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends.

BLT Laying Tool $17.95
As shown in the Needle Art Studio Program. American Style "Tekobari"

Clover Needle Threader $11.95
Antique Brass Needle Threader

Seam Ripper $28.95
Gingher seam ripper allows for cutting through threads with precision and ease.

Thread Heaven $3.50
Thread conditioner and protectant. Reduces hand fatigue, prevents tangling and fraying, doesn't melt, safe for all threads and fabrics

DMC Color Guide $10.95
DMC Needlework Threads Color Card

Mini Pliers $14.95
Great for working with jewelry, beading, wire, miniatures and much more. PVC Comfort Grips, Stainless Steel, Smooth Jaws.

Tweezers $7.95
Precision-ground points provide pin-point gripping, spring-tempered stainless steel keeps perfect alignment, lifetime guarantee assures you of a lasting value, and easier, more precise handling and control

Trolley Needle $8.95
For satin smoothness when stitching with many types of threads. Great for applying sequins, machine stitching ruffles, seams and hems, positioning materials for gluing, smocking, and controlling multiple threads.


Thread Straighteners $5.95
Remove folds, curls, and kinks from synthetic, twisted silk and metallic threads.

Stitch Fixer $10.95
Remove stitches, Anchor thread ends, Repair finished works