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Book II Favorite Stitches by Brenda Hart
The book was almost called "Mostly Backgrounds" because many of the stitch patterns shown on the following pages could be used as Background Stitches. Some would make backgrounds for small canvases, others need lots of space and would be better on larger canvases. Turn the stitch patterns upside down, or sideways, or reverse the directions. Adapt them to your needlepoint canvas by stitching them larger or smaller. Make these stitches work for you. You can sometimes tell how they will look after they are stitched by squinting at the stitch patterns or diagrams.

Favorite Stitches by Brenda Hart
The majority of the stitch patterns diagrammed in this book can be found in a book, on a building, on a floor, or on a wall somewhere. Each time I think I have invented a new stitch, I find that same pattern months later in a book that has been around forever, or on a building that have been around for many years, etc. So the stitch patterns that I have chosen to include in this book are not necessarily new, but are some of my FAVORITES. Ones that I find particularly beautiful or useful for me. I hope many of them will entice you to try choosing the stitches for your next needlepoint canvas.

Canvas Embellishment: Exquisite Needlepoint Stitches Made Simple by Linda Corirossi
This book is the result of fifteen years of teaching needlepoint. In the beginning I only taught continental and basketweave and then needlepoint samplers when 12 to 25 stitches were taught. Finally, my students wanted to do something more. They wanted to needlepoint hand-painted canvases with some of the stitches they had used in the samplers. Hence, the beginning of canvas embellishment. From these classes this book has evolved. It is the purpose of this book to help you become more creative with any painted canvas.

Stitches for Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson
Our goal in writing this book is to provide you, the stitcher, with a new tool for effectively using decorative stitches with many of the wonderful threads available today. We hope this book is useful for embellishing canvas and creating original designs; but most of all, we hope that we change the way you look at stitching, whether it be needlepoint, surface stitching or cross stitching. There are many stitches for canvas work and we have focused on 100 of our favorites. We offer you suggestions on how to use these stitches to create various effects on your chosen ground, whether it be canvas or fabric. We also make thread suggestions--threads that we have found to be particularly effective for particular looks--that's why we have titled this book Stitches for Effect.

More Stitches for Effect by Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson
The goal of this book is to help you, the stitcher, consider new ways to approach your work, whether it be with new stitches, new threads or a combination of both. We hope that all types of stitchers: canvas workers, fabric workers and surface stitchers, will find useful information here. Once again we offer you suggestions on how to use stitches to create various effects on your chosen ground,  whether it be canvas or fabric. We also make thread suggestions to help you produce these effects.

Suzy's Small Stitches by Suzy Murphy
Several years ago, I decided to stitch a needlepoint vest designed by Decorations. This vest is a patchwork pattern of forty different patches. One of the best aspects of the project was the discovery of many lovely stitches. Several of these were previously unknown to me. That was when I decided to write this book. Having always found it difficult to select stitches for small areas, this seemed like a good place to concentrate. However, all these patterns can be expanded to cover larger spaces. I also must confess they are not all small, I got carried away a few times and had to add a few larger ones.

Suzy's Surprize Stitches by Suzy Murphy
There are at least two reasons for this title. First, the stitches in this book do not fit into any single category. They come in all sizes and types. Second, I was surprized at some of the stitches that seemed to just jump onto the pages of this book. Most of all I was surprized to find another whole chapter of Small Stitches. At the back of the book there are color models of each stitch.

Suzy's Mini Stitches by Suzy Murphy
This book offers a wide variety of mini stitches including straight stitches, cross stitches, diagonal stitches, round and square stitches, and pattern stitches. You will surely find what you are looking for in this great resource book.

Suzy's Darn Stitches by Suzy Murphy
This book is a wonderful resource for darning patterns. It is great for the person who enjoys openwork or anyone who isn't sure of what stitch to use for a background.

My Canvas Embroidery Notebook by Susan Ettl
When I first began stitching on canvas I remember having many questions, many which were answered by subsequent reading. After I joined some needlework guilds, I found out that many hints, correct usage and other information about needlework is passed down from teacher to student. Needlework teachers would like to impart all of these bits of knowledge in each class, but this is impossible. This book answers that need for knowledge on materials and techniques necessary for the hungry beginner.

Favorite Stitches for Linen and Canvas Vol. III by Linda Driskell
This book is prepared for all you wonderful needleartists and stitchers who requested and encouraged me to write "Favorite Stitches for Linen and Canvas" and have requested more stitches, diagrams, motifs, and helpful hints.

Favorite Stitches for Linen and Canvas by Linda Driskell
This book is prepared for all you wonderful stitchers who have over the years requested a copy of my personal stitch journal and reference notebook. This is by no means the complete record of my stitch collection, but by special request I have put together a collection of my favorite stitches for your enjoyment.

Just Stitches by Judy Dalvit
Hopefully  you will find this booklet a helpful reference in getting started with decorative stitching. Use it as a starting point. Don't be timid when it comes to experimenting with stitches, color and fibers. Decorative stitches will add interest, depth and texture to an otherwise flat piece of stitchery.

Beards That I Have Known by Diana Bosworth and Kamee Cumbie
A wonderful resource for Santa's beard. With forty-seven different beard stitches there is sure to be one for you!

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