We work very hard at Pocket Full of Stitches to keep our website updated and current. We do have instances, however, where a price has been raised and we have not gotten it changed on the website. Sometimes the prices are changed before we know it, and a canvas that has been ordered will arrive at a higher price. Therefore, we do reserve the right to pass the new price on to you, regardless of what the website shows. We never raise a price ourselves, only when the designer has a changed price.

**There will be a 20% restocking fee on all returned or cancelled orders. The restocking fee is 20% of the original price.**

We need to know of any problem with your order within 30 days in order to review and handle correctly.

Books cannot be returned.  We try to protect copyright laws and prevent copies from being made of these books.

Each canvas is a hand-painted piece of art. If the designer does not have it in stock when the order is placed, the canvas is entered into a painting rotation based on the order date. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a specific timeline for delivery.

Thank you for your understanding!